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A series of booklets designed as enrichment materials for high school students with an interest in and aptitude for mathematics.

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Some booklets are specifically geared towards competition preparation. Canadian Mathematical Olympiad - A compilation of CMO exam problems and solutions. Geared towards students preparing for olympiad-level contests. Problems and solutions are provided in both English and French. Periodical available in print and online.

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A source of unique and challenging mathematical problems for secondary and undergraduate students. Online issues more than five years old are free to the public. A Novel by Richard Hoshino. His book tells the story of Bethany's road to the International Mathematical Olympiad. Through persistence, perseverance, and the support of innovative mentors who inspired her with a love of learning.

Math-terpieces: The Art of Problem Solving

Bethany confronts these challenges and develops the creativity and confidence to reach her potential. In training to become a world champion mathelete, Bethany discovers the heart of mathematics. Problem Solving keeps students sharp on important topics while preparing them for 5th grade. The points are colored in four colors such that some points are colored Red, some points are colored Green, some points are colored Blue, and the remaining points are colored Yellow.

Contest Collections. Although the book is intended for high school students aiming to do well in national and state math contests like the American Mathematics Competitions, the problems are accessible to very strong middle school students. The staff is very good at identifying and encouraging high achieving students to attain their fullest potential. The first IMO was held in in Romania, with 7 countries participating. This course draws problems from middle and beginning high school contests, and introduces students to important new topics in counting, probability, and number theory while reviewing concepts from algebra and geometry, and applying them to advanced problems.

Community Contest Collections. AoPS Academy allows my son to be himself, learn that there are other kids well advanced in math, and gives him the confidence to know that it is OK to be great in math, and that other people will respect and value his ability. Creative writing diploma Fishing Articles.

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BCA Math Competition Camp is an opportunity for students to work together with other motivated, creative lovers of math. The particular contests listed below were used for team competitions. I spent hours every day those first two years practicing or learning theory and tricks.

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We got our start helping top students train for elite math competitions. They simply figure that AOPS has a lot of successful people that excel at both contests, so why not see what they did? For the past seven years, Math League has held a summer tournament for students from China, Canada, United States, and selected students from other countries. If other international or contests from other nations or regions are documented elsewhere, they should be added here as well. For over 15 years, our Online School has been the cornerstone of contest training for many winners of AMC contests.

Math Contest - Mathematics Game is a mental calculation game to improve your math skills.

We are a group of AoPS users who like to help others with mathematical difficulties or problems, and resolve them. This webpage was prepared by Dr. I can attest that the Contests section on AoPS suffices. Nguyen Trung Tuan. During BCA Math Competition Camp, students learn the foundational concepts for, and get much experience in practicing, non-routine problem solving and competition math.

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How to Learn by Schools register in the fall and coaches work with students throughout the year. This book is a comprehensive compilation of all the problems and solutions from the to Purple Comet Math Meet contests for middle and high school students. But don't let it worry you, you can pick up things pretty quickly. It consists of non-programming problems. In the past, students needed to qualify by taking our annual contests and being among the high scoring students on these contests. Purple Comet!

We also host many competitions throughout the school years. I love the following quotes : Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. MMATHS will be hosted on each campus across the country on the same date, encouraging increased participation compared to stand-alone contests. Overall they do an incredible job imparting a deep knowledge of both math and language arts to all of their students, and AoPS Academy sets them on a path towards their career goals.

Problems, solutions and results dating back to can be found in the chart below. These contests generate great discussions and are a joy of the participating students and the mathematics department at Detroit Country Day School. I don't think there's a single kid there who is doing cram school. Newsletter Signup Sign up for our AwesomeMath Newsletter to be the first to receive the latest news regarding our summer program, online classes, competitions and training information, XYZ Press publications, as well as learn about our most recent sales, promotions, and discounts.

Mathematics Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people studying math at any level and professionals in related fields. We are very disappointed to announce that we have been forced to postpone our AoPS Academy Fremont classes indefinitely. The competition date is April 13th. Schools register in the fall and coaches work with students throughout the year.