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John Gray illustrates how differences in communication styles, behavior, and emotional needs can drive the two sexes apart, and offers ways to help keep them together. By giving us insight into the opposite sex, Dr. Gray shows how we can build loving, mutually fulfilling relationships. A contribution to the understanding of the communication styles of men and women. This is an excellent book, in spite of how cliche the title has become.

I owned the abridgement of this book on cassette before I purchased the unabridged version. It was abridged by and is read by the author - so you can be certain it still has everything in it that he felt was essential. The unabridged version is very repetitive, which is fine when you are reading but may put you to sleep if you are listening!

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I'm 52 and in my second marriage 25yrs this time and I've never been able to express my feelings. I'm like a caveman. This book helped me realize that I needed to learn how to express myself without yelling and making everything an argument.

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus by John Gray ; Animated Book Summary

I was stubborn and a man who knew everything When I finally realized I was on my way to either a non-fully-committed marriage or another divorce. She doesn't know that I've read it but is noticing that things are changing.

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

I can't put into words how much happier I am being able to understand and express my feelings. It's not an easy thing to get used to at all. But the author explains this in the book and I'm not as afraid to do so now. I hope that it isn't too late to make amends and show her who I really am and to do my best to make the next 25yrs be what she wants, deserves and needs.

She is the best wife a man could ask for. Would love to go to a weekend seminar to continue to learn more.

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: The Classic Guide to Understanding the Opposite Sex

I will be reading all of his books now because I don't want to forget how to properly treat my wife ever again. Thank you, John Gray This Book will save you from many many unneeded missunderstandings in a relationship.

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The ONLY negatives are 1 the voice reading is unpleasant at times and 2 few times, it may seem repetative-due to much topic clearification. All in ALL, a must read.. This is a great book for coaching on communication for men and women wanting to achieve success in their intimate relationships with one another. While it is definitely dated, as some if the other readers have pointed out, and the cadence gets a little dry at times, what you can get out of this book far outweighs that. One caveat is: one needs to have an open mind and heart and be ready to receive the information.

Through different phases of growth, I would definitely have received this information differently. Here are a few things worth highlighting: - offers great insights on how men and women's thought processes differ - helps identify areas where you may be misunderstanding your partner and making them wrong - for women: helps you find more effective ways to be assertive in your relationship and communicate what you want, while making your partner feel more appreciated and engaged with giving you what you need - for men: helps you provide the displays of caring your partner needs to feel good, while getting get the space you need in the relationship and not feeling misunderstood for wanting that - communication techniques can be applied in communicating with children, coworkers or anyone of the opposite gender - if you remember that the ultimate goal is to achieve harmony, love, acceptance and understanding of one another, then you will move beyond the datedness or hokey case studies and pull out the real gems here.

Poor Quality of the audio book. Did not follow the book verbatim. I downloaded the unabridged version and wanted to follow along reading the unabridged book as well; in order to follow the tone of Dr. Gray's Men are from Mars. Some parts were omitted in the audio recording that were listed in the book. The audio otherwise conveyed the point in capturing the tone and message of the book, however it was overall difficult to follow along. I downloaded it at a time in my life where my relationship just seemed like it was falling to pieces, but both my fiance and I have been listening to it together, and we BOTH come back to each other time and again to share just how right John Gray is!

It is wonderful not only to understand the opposite sex, but also to help you understand yourself and how you can express yourself to your partner. Most of all, it is so comforting to know that you aren't alone! You recognize yourself in almost every word. I don't know what we would do without this book. It is not a fix-all if you've got serious problems, but it is a wonderful beginning to giving each other the chance that you both deserve. What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?

I think the voice was monotone.

It appeared that the story was for women to better understand men and it almost made me believe that women have to be the patient one and accept the "way men are".. Very seldom did he mention mutual efforts. It was informative and it did make me think back to mistakes I may have made along my path. Many of the things he talked about, I saw in my mother and of course, sometimes we adopt things we see our parents do.

Recently divorced after 2 years of seperation. I wish my X-wife and myself read this book 2 years ago. The reasons for most of our problems, which I could not explain before are very clear now. I would have handled many situations differently only if had this knowledge then. I am confident the knowledge gained through this book will be very useful in my future relationships with the people from Venus. Not really relevant for this century.

A bit sexist and hard to relate to. I think this book has met its expiration. The book makes sweeping generalisations and gender stereotypes without accounting as it promises to for the idiosyncrasies or role reversals that are likely to be present in people today; anyone who takes the full advice as a literal manual is likely to feel like there's something wrong with them if their behaviour doesn't adhere to how the author tells them they are likely to be.


This book has taught both my wife and I a lot about ourselves and each other. We have implemented so many strategies. I recommend a bit of this book at a time to implement it all. We will probably read this again at some point. I loved this audio. I am lost for words, if I had know about this 15 years ago when I first met my wife it really would have saved a whole lot of issues!

They really should tech the to young people, this is a must listen for both sexes!

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I find it super helpful this book for having a good relation ship with the other sex. I really recommend to listen!!!! Sometimes he repeats things over and over again, but I believe he does it a purpose- so recommend not to give up on It! This book not just thought me how to better communicate with my partner but also made me understand more my own behaviours, moods and unexplicable resons of our arguments. I did not have to wait too long to test the methods described here I feel like life will be much better from now on and my relationship will thrive I even feel like I understand my dog a way better than before :D.

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Amazing book verry insightful. The Messenger Of Allah said, The best of you is who is best to his wife. This will help you in your marriage life. Easy to follow life and him her realtionship guide. Many hints a tips on successful communication when you are happy or struggling in a relationship. I liked listening, easy voice to hear and the book was great - I finally now have read that book after first interesting me way back in the 90's when everyone was raging about it but I never saw anything interesting in it at the time.

This book should be compulsory reading for people at school. Amazing is all I can say. If you are a man or a woman and in any type of relationship, this is a must read. It's not just for the oldies, it's absolutely current and life changing information. It was ok. Some made up theories which I dont agree with.

Book is talking about the methods that might not work in the real world and pretty much you have to change your whole character. I only like first few chapters and after that it was a drag. So many long examples, repetitions, lists etc Everyone can take something from this book to apply to their relationship. A good listen. Reading this book from the 80's in is a fun experience. While some elements sound a little outdated, it is amazing how much of it still holds up A good one to listen as a couple and good guide to understanding the opposite sex or at least try I put the skills I learnt from thos book into practice right away.

The explanations and insights are extraordinary thankyou. Your audiobook is waiting…. By: John Gray. Narrated by: John Gray.